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New animation coming up!

2009-03-27 12:15:00 by TheUndeadNinja

Hi guys, i know ive not submitted any good animations yet but im making a short 30sec - 1min animation for college and i hope it will be great, should be here in about 4 weeks. Wish me luck! =D

EDIT: Its basically done, but i think i might make it a little bit better before adding it to Newgrounds.


2009-02-16 07:32:17 by TheUndeadNinja

Thank you everyone for you kind words. Unfortunately my first flash submission got blamed xD
Ahhh well, i dont mind it was only 10 seconds long or something. Made it years ago, im working on something at the moment hopfully it will be done soon. And Coconut ill look into that, thanks alot. =D

New animation!

Well its not actually new... i made it years ago on Fireworks :P
Pretty rubbish just thought i'd throw it up there and see what people thought

!! Need A Flash Game Msn Tutorial !!


2009-02-13 17:12:03 by TheUndeadNinja

Hello everyone!
I am a member of Newgrounds as of 10:10pm GMT 13/02/09.
I would love to be given tutorials on how to make flash games, PM me please.
Hopefully ill have some games and animations on Newgrounds soon.